Semicamps in Kortowo

We would like to invite you to Kortowo where unforgettable attractions during whole summer and wonderful remembers are guaranteed! Big, safe territory, excellent organization of classes, full of attractions and great fun good fun among your peers are guaranteed. … see full text ▶

Kortowo Camp 2019

Hello Kortowo Camp! I’m sure you missed the summer as much as we did. We have good news – our offer for summer camps is available now. In this year KORTOWO CAMP will be held in 4 places – lake, … see full text ▶

Winter holidays 2019 in Kortowo

It started signing in the winter camps in Kortowo 2019! This time we invite everybody for Winter Travellers Club… to Arctic! Like every year we invite every chidren which like winter attractions to Kortowo during all winter holidays! During this … see full text ▶