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HOTEL KORTOWO *** - Cozy hotel, located 7 km away from the center of Poznan and the area of Poznan International Fair, offers its guests luxurious and comfortable accommodation, easy access by car A2 Berlin-Warsaw, as well as easy access to the city center along Głogowska street.

In every hotel room our guests have at their disposal: a TV set with cable TV, Internet access, tele-phone line, work desk, refrigerator, bathroom with a large shower cubicle - but most of all soft cushions, white sheets and a comfortable bed, ensuring a peaceful sleep.

Weary guests after traveling and working hours for relaxation are offered a visit to the Finnish sauna, and those who like active relaxation can choose from seven professional tennis courts. Gu-ests in need of a moment of rest are invited for a cup of delicious coffee, a delicious dessert or a mug of cold beer.