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Akademia Tenisowa - Kortowo

» Kortowo nurseries

• Classes are held from Monday to Saturday, from 15:00 to 19:00; groups can also be formed in advance.
• The trainings are conducted in groups of 2 - 8 persons, 1 or 2 times a week. In groups of more than 8 people the classes are conducted by two trainers.
• For children under 10 years of age, the trainings are conducted according to the guidelines of TENIS 10, which is part of the global initiative "Play and Stay" inaugurated by the Inter-national Tennis Federation (ITF).
• The Cortowo Tennis Academy also participates in the annual team Talent Games. Free Ta-lentiada preparation classes are held every Saturday from 11.00 a.m. to 12.30 p.m.

Talentiada - Kortowo Tenis
• The club provides each player with appropriate equipment (balls and rockets), shoes on a flat sole and comfortable sportswear are required.
• Our coaching staff has extensive experience in working with children and young people. Aka-demia Tennis Cortowo and all our coaches and instructors are licensed by the Polish Tennis Association.
• Recruitment: akademia@kortowo.com.pl trainer Agata Konkiewicz 601 888 215 , Przemysław Stec 796 050 475.

» Prices:

5-8 1 40,00ZŁ 160ZŁ
3-4 1 45,00ZŁ 180ZŁ
5-8 2 37,50ZŁ 300ZŁ
3-4 2 40,00ZŁ 320ZŁ
1 training for 2 childrens Court price + coach Before 16:00 p.pm 100zł (40zł court + 60zł coach)
1 training for 2 childrens Court price + coach After 16:00 p.m. 120zł (60zł court + 60zł coach)
Individual trainings Court price + coach 60-70zł coach + court according to the price list


• Classes are conducted by qualified coaching staff with many years of experience in working with players

Przemysław Stec 796 050 475
Paweł Szmaland 786 994 576

» School groups

• We invite you to cooperate with the school within the framework of free time in the common room and/or gym.
• In Kortowo it is possible to rent only tennis courts, tennis courts + equipment, tennis courts + equipment + coaches.
• The possibility of picking up groups of children from the common room and conducting classes on the courts in Kortowo.

786 994 576

» Tournaments and rankings of the Academy

• Children from our schools take part in monthly group competitions as part of their classes - Master of the Month, preparing them for competition and larger tournaments.
• Three times a year, large tournaments are held for all our tennis players, divided into groups according to skills and age.
• These tournaments are played in a cup system, i.e. each of the players plays in a group; cups and prizes are provided for the winners.
• Our tennis players are obliged to participate in at least 2 tournaments.
• Entry fee 40 PLN/tournament.
• Points earned in group and non-group tournaments are summed up in the Korciak Ranking, from which at the end of the season the best players in given age groups are selected.

» Tennis 10

Tenis 10 - Kortowo Tenis

• Tennis 10 is a program that is part of the global "Play and Stay" initiative launched in 2007 by the International Tennis Federation (ITF).
• The system operates in over 50 countries around the world (including the USA, Canada, China, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium), and in 2010 it was introduced in Po-land under the name of "Tennis 10".
• The programme is aimed at promoting tennis among the youngest children and is addressed to children aged 6-10 years. Its idea is to present tennis as an attractive and easy to learn discipline thanks to properly adjusted equipment: soft and slower balls, smaller and lighter rackets, lower nets, smaller courts.
• Thanks to the new methodology tennis has become easy to learn, attractive and colorful. "Tennis 10" is above all an attractive form of fun for all children.
• The Tennis Academy Kortowo is based on the Tennis 10 program.
• Our coaches regularly participate in trainings organized by the PZT, constantly improve their qualifications in accordance with the guidelines of the PZT.

The above information has been downloaded from the TMP website ( http://tenis10.pzt.pl/2_97/aktualnosci.aspx ).

» National Tennis Dissemination Program

• Kortowo Tennis Club found itself in an exclusive group of 57 tennis clubs from all over Po-land selected for the National Tennis Dissemination Program.
• Participation in the program enabled us to create groups of 12-person children aged 6 and 7, who, under the supervision of two experienced coaches, participate in free tennis classes twice a week.
• The National Tennis Dissemination Programme is a fantastic opportunity to instil a passion for tennis among the youngest children who want to start their adventure with this beautiful sport.

Coach Agata Konkiewicz
601 888 215