Tennis talent

Tennis talent

On Sunday, September 9th, children can take part in fitness tests and receive a scholarship funded by the Ministry of Sport and Tourism as part of a tennis promotion programme run by the Polish Tennis Associa-tion.

We invite all children aged 5-12 years to a unique sports event organized under the slogan “Tennis Talent”. The instructors and coaches of the Cortowo Tennis Academy and the Editor of Carrot (the hero of sports books for the youngest) prepared a number of tennis attractions.

Children will take part in fitness tests, free tennis lessons and a magical sports lesson of Carrot Editor.
The two participants aged 6-7 who will achieve the best results in the tests will receive scholarships funded by the Ministry of Sport and Tourism. The “Happy Twelve”, in the period from 15 September to the end of December 2018, will take part twice a week in free tennis classes conducted by club instructors and coaches. Among the remaining children, valuable prizes will be drawn: a sports birthday party in Kortów and a book by Michał Filipiak.

During the event there will also be an opportunity to sign up for year-round tennis classes at the Tennis Academy and get acquainted with the rich offer of camps and semi-colonies. Children participating in all-year-round tennis classes in Kortów will train within the TENIS 10 programme, which is part of the global initiative of the International Tennis Federation – “Play and Stay”. In addition, the Club will provide them with appropriate equipment and the opportunity to participate in team Talentiad competitions.

Due to the expected large number of participants in the “Tennis Talent” action, it is necessary to register your participation at the following telephone numbers: 601 888 215 (coach Agata), 796 050 475 (coach Przemek), simultaneously choosing one of the two hours 10:00 or 12:30.

Children participating in the action should have sports shoes.

See you on the court!